Pagano S.p.A. has been working for over 30 years in the field of public works.

Works of plant building concern not only the construction and lighting of tunnels, but also water supply systems, ventilation and evacuation systems, which have led to a constant growth in developing and improving methods. Fire-fighting systems and monitoring systems enhance Pagano’s company profile, which is always paying attention to different and complex technological installations.  

The company’s liveliness ant its desire to be always “up-to-date” give a wider view of the market, determining the growth and the development of SOA categories and an interest towards new renewable energy sources. As a consequence of this interest, Pagano has become an Energy Service Company (E.S.Co.). This certification coincides perfectly with the company’s policy, whose interest in the environment and social policies has been increasingly raising.

In Italy, Pagano S.p.A. is one of the best companies in the building field and technological installations, being part of the major realized works.

Thanks to its professionalism and technological specialization, our company always focuses its attention to clients and satisfies them.


Last but not least, the security point of view completes Pagano’s profile: our company strictly respects the legislation in force using breakthrough technologies.

Pagano S.p.A. can be summed up in three words: People, Knowledge, Ambition.